How long dose it take to get your period after getting your cherry poped?

Answer Having sex has NOTHING to do with getting your period. If you had sex at such a young age, you may want to visit an ob/gyn for advice. He/she could help you with further information.

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Can a girl get pregnant if her cherry has not been poped?

Yes...Contrary to popular belief the hymen is not a solid membrane. In most cases it has a very small hole in the center, through which it is possible for semen to enter.

When you pop your cherry do you miss your period?

PLAIN AND SIMPLY...NOAnswerYes, your period can be delayed due to many factors. The chemistry of your body has changed, stress and the fact that you probably lost some blood already. Mine was del... Read More »

I poped my knee and now it hurts!?

rest it, ice it, elevate it (higher than your heart). If you can't bear weight on it after a few hours you need medical attention. A popping sound can indicate a connective tissue injury.

How long dose it take to download?

download time = size of file / speed of your internet connection