How long does your passport have to be valid?

Answer If you get your passport when you are 16 or older, it is valid for 10 years. Passports for children under 16 are good for five years. Some countries won't allow travel if your passport expires with... Read More »

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How long does my UK passport stay valid?

A standard passport from the United Kingdom issued to someone age 16 or older is valid for 10 years. A passport issued to a young person who is under age 16 is valid for five years.Source:Advice Gu... Read More »

Does Obama have a valid United States passport?

U.S. President Barack Obama does have a valid U.S. passport. Government diplomats (which Obama is considered to be) have a different kind of passport than the average American citizen. The Diplomat... Read More »

Do children have to travel with a valid passport for domestic flights?

Passports are required for international travel and are not needed by adults or children on domestic flights. In fact, the Transportation Security Administration does not require children under 18 ... Read More »

Is a valid passport needed for domestic flights in the UK?

While flying with a valid passport is recommended for domestic flights in the UK, the law does not require it. Airlines require passengers to have some form of photo ID, however, such as a valid dr... Read More »