How long does vestibular therapy take?

Answer After the initial consultation, which takes slightly longer, regular appointments for vestibular (balance) disorders will last between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on your specific needs. A home e... Read More »

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How long does it take to go to school for physical therapy?

Typically, to become a physical therapist requires four years of undergraduate studies plus two to three years of graduate studies. A master's degree in physical therapy takes two to 2.5 years and ... Read More »

How long does vestibular disease last in dogs?

Vestibular disease is a type of neurological condition that causes dizziness and lack of coordination in dogs. Most cases of vestibular disease in dogs require no treatment and begin to improve wit... Read More »

If someone has lazy eye and goes to vision therapy how long would it take for the eye to be fixed?

I have strabismus. I can straighten out my eyes, but I will never have true binocular vision.Sucks to be me, huh? And I still have to pay extra when I go see a movie that's only showing in 3D, to a... Read More »

Does benadryl make you sleepy If so how long does it take before it kicks in And how long will i sleep?

Yes. It makes you sleepy. As a chronic insomniac I would take it to get sleepy. Except for prescription sleeping pills, which the doctors don't like to let you have on a nightly basis and due to th... Read More »