How long does thermal paper last before it fades?

Answer Thermal paper fades at a much slower rate than usual when it is kept away from heat, oils, ultraviolet light and/or humidity. If stored carefully, thermal paper should last five or more years with... Read More »

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How long does PMS last before you get your period?

it could be just gas pains or growing pains but it could be PMS. With me when I have PMS it's more in my bladder more to the left though not in my hip but everyone's different. talk to you mom abou... Read More »

How long does alcohol last before spoiling?

There are two types of alcohols in this world. I call them live and distilled. Live alcohols are those that still have active yeast in them, such as wine or beer. If opened, these alcohols must ... Read More »

How long does laser toner last before it goes bad?

Laser toner never goes bad and you can use it to the last drop. The only thing that can happen is that if you don'[t' use it often, the toner tends to compact itself. You need to remove the cartrid... Read More »

How long does an open bottle of wine last before it goes bad?

A good two or three weeks well sealed and kept in the refrigerator. The small bottles can be really handy for cooking. If you have to buy a 4-pack, keep the extras in the fridge. Another good trick... Read More »