How long does the typical hangover of alcoholic drink or bhang lassi last?

Answer The hangover for alcoholic drink depends on how much one has consumed. Generally a controlled drink will give you a good sleep and when u wake up you feel fresh. when odd drinks taken or punch is t... Read More »

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What alcoholic drink gives the least hangover?

It's relative to a whole bunch of variables: amount you drink, pace of drinking, whether you've eaten beforehand or not (particularly how much protein you've eaten), length of time slept afterwards... Read More »

How long does a typical wood deck last?

I've had mine for 34 years and it's still fine. Probably has a lot to do with the type of wood that's used. Mine is cedar.

How long does opened alcoholic eggnog last?

I would not drink it. It could make you very sick

How long does a typical clinical nurse specialist program last?

Most clinical nurse specialists programs result in a master's degree in nursing and require 18 to 24 months of full-time study. Nurses who take classes only on a part-time basis usually require lon... Read More »