How long does the pain last after getting your wisdom tooth pulled?

Answer a day. you wont even notice it with the nice pain killers they give you !i

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Wisdom teeth pulled, how long does pain last?

You can't really tell. Depends on the person. Mine lasted a good one and a half week.

Why do I feel sick after getting wisdom tooth pulled?

That's completely normal.. people react differently to anesthesia, and sometimes it results in fatigue. Don't worry, the same thing happened to me. Even worse, I have TMJ.

How long does the pain of wisdom tooth extraction last?

Everyone has different results because everyone's wisdom teeth are different. I had two done, separately, the first took a couple of days to settle down and the other a couple of weeks because it ... Read More »

How long should you wait before drinking alcohol after getting your wisdom teeth pulled?

Answer You should wait for 3 - 4 days or until your dentist checks you again (whichever comes first.) Having any tooth pulled (wisdom teeth are difficult at best) tears the gums and your dentist ... Read More »