How long does the march break last?

Answer whole month!

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How long does spring break last on South Padre Island?

Spring break on South Padre Island lasts the entire month of March to accommodate the varying college schedules for this mid-term break. South Padre Island is at the southern tip of Texas, near the... Read More »

Your last period was on 26th of march and on the fifth you had headaches with nausea and vomiting and felt dizzy all the time you've done pregnancy test on the 11th of march and it was negative. yo?

Answer you took the test too early you had your period on the 26th you missed your period this month? correct take another test or go to your doctor for a blood test which is 100% accurate on resu... Read More »

Could you be pregnant if your last period was on March 22 to 25 and you had sex between March 30 to April 2 and now your periods are late and had used condoms all the time?

Answer it is very possible. you have to consider that condoms are not 100 percent and that they do break also everytime you engage in sexual intercourse you are taking a chance the condom slipped ... Read More »

Do these usbs last long or break within couple of days?

It's hard to say if they will last or not,but I would be a quality stick myself if you're wondering.They may last or they may not.Since they are cheap it wouldn't hurt to give one a try I guess.I p... Read More »