How long does the lamp last in a Phillips 42FLP3603D27 TV last?

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Can a single lamp lcd monitor be used in place of a dual lamp lcd monitor. My HP Pavillion laptop needed a replacement monitor for the HDX 16 1025NR model and was a dual lamp. Can I usea single lamp?

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How long does a DLP HDTV lamp last?

The life of the lamp in a DLP HDTV varies depending on a number of factors and falls in a range of 2000 to 8000 hours. Different manufacturers have different life ratings, but even more important i... Read More »

How long should the lamp last in a DLP television?

Lamp life on DLP televisions vary. Inexpensive models have a lamp life of 1,000 to 2,000 hours. Higher-quality model DLP televisions have a lamp life of about 8,000 hours. The newer technology LED ... Read More »

How long can lamp oil be stored?

One to three months is the longest that kerosene oil lamp should be stored. Over time kerosene can break down and water can be introduced into the fuel. It can also be contaminated by mold and bact... Read More »