How long does the discoloration from a bone bruise last?

Answer Bone bruises, also known as periosteal bruises, are the most severe type of bruise. Bone bruises involve swelling, pain and discoloration. The discoloration caused by a bone bruise can last for mon... Read More »

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How long does it take for a bone bruise to heal?

On One Hand: A Few DaysA bone bruise occurs when there is bleeding under the fibrous periosteum, the outer covering of bone. If the bleeding is minimal, the body will simply reabsorb the fluid and ... Read More »

Does a black scab and a bruise-like discoloration mean tetanus?

Tetanus has absolutely nothing to do with ur colour of scab. Hell, tetanus will cause systemic specific local injury point symptom at all. U should get an tetanus toxoid vaccine immedi... Read More »

How can you tell the difference between a broken bone or bruise?

How long can the knee bone rub a bone without surgery?

On One Hand: Get the Surgery Right AwayThe reason a knee rubs on a bone is usually because of cartilage loss. Because cartilage acts as the lubricant to joints, movement without it cushioning the k... Read More »