How long does the bleeding phase last in dogs in heat?

Answer When a female dog is in heat, it will bleed from the vagina for about 10 days, although in some dogs the bleeding can may be longer or shorter. The bleeding period precedes the period during which ... Read More »

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What Is a Single-Phase Heat Pump?

A single-phase heat pump is a heat pump--a device that transports heat from one place to another--that is specifically designed to run on the standard, single-phase domestic electricity supply, as ... Read More »

Heat exhaustion What to do if the bleeding continues after?

Are bleeding heart plants poisonous to dogs?

Though beautiful, the bleeding heart plant is highly toxic to dogs. For some dogs, physical contact with the plant can cause dermatitis. Dogs who consume large amounts of the foliage or roots can s... Read More »

How can I test Dayton 3 phase 3 wire heater without 3 phase power in my home with a 200 amp service?

The owners of any factories, workshops or homes which need a 3-phase supply would order 3-phase supplies from their local power companies. For a very small 3-phase appliance (not a heater!), such ... Read More »