How long does the bbc television tour takes?

Answer The digital age of television has brought many benefits. One of them is the noise free pictures. Analog signals could be affected by weather, geography and other equipment. In a less than perfect r... Read More »

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How long does it takes for any bluetooth headseat takes to stop working left on?

It depends on the battery and the head set, some as little as a few hours, some several days...

How long does it takes to become cia?

probably not. you just need to pass a test to join

How long does it takes for bathroom caulking to dry?

As a general rule, bathroom caulk dries in 24 hours. Even though silicone-based caulk may dry much quicker than, say, acrylic-based caulk, it is a good idea to allow a 24-hour drying period for whi... Read More »

How long does a knee replacement takes to heal?

That would depend on many factors:1. The age of the patient2. How good a shape they are when the knee was replaced3. How well they respond the physical therapyTo a person middle age person in good ... Read More »