How long does the battery last in a pacemaker?

Answer A pacemaker battery should last five to 10 years. The lifespan varies because the pacemaker uses a minimal amount of power when the heart is beating normally. The more defective a heartbeat is, the... Read More »

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Is leaving a laptop plugged in too long, when the battery is done charging, bad for the battery?

No its fine. There are a lot of rumors about things like this but they're not true. Your laptop battery can not be damaged from remaining on the charger after the charging process is complete.

How Long Does a Used Car Battery Last?

Used car batteries can seem like a great deal when the price can be as cheap as $10. In reality, you get what you pay for; there is no guarantee they will even make it through a year. New ones last... Read More »

How long does a car battery usually last?

The life of a car battery depends on the make of the battery (the brand) and how well the battery has been taken care of. Newly manufactured batteries have a longer-lasting capacity than batteries ... Read More »

How long does an 80 WHr battery last?

The 80 WHr batteries are marketed by Dell for its Inspiron line of computers. They have nine cells and, when new, have a running time between four and five hours. This time decreases over the life ... Read More »