Can an engaged couple living together combine their auto insurance policies and is this advisable?

Answer Answer Yes, you can have a single policy with both of your vehicles on it. It is advisable that both persons be "named insureds" (both peoples names appears on the policy and on pink cards.However... Read More »

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How to Date As a Couple?

Dates are a good thing to do to keep your relationship fresh, fun, and strong. Implement some tips from dating resources and think of more you could do together. Want to go on a date with your swee... Read More »

How long can you be engaged or baby ready for before going into labour?

Answer You can be effaced and dialated for weeks with your first child.... Answer Thanks for putting a downer on me lol joke thanks for answer much needed

Im 39 weeks pregnant and 2cm dialated baby is engaged and head down how long do you have?

When should you go to the hospital if you are a couple days past your due date and you havent seen a doctor how do you know if you are dialated or anything like that?

Answer You should go to the doctor right away. Also, if you haven't seen a doctor during the pregnancy, you cannot be sure of your due date. Also, pay close attention to any contractions you may b... Read More »