How long does the average computer mouse last for?

Answer get a good optical or laser mouse.....the fewer the moving parts.....

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How long does an optical mouse last?

Considering how hard you & your sister are on computer stuff, I'd say 1/2 what it would last most... Or maybe 1/3 ; )Sorry, couldn't resist.Seriously though... the wire on the wired mouse will li... Read More »

How long is the average household computer supposed to last?

The average household computer is supposed to last at least two years. On average, it can last as many as three to five years. While proper maintenance of a computer can extend its lifespan, many p... Read More »

On average how long does sex last for?

It lasts until about 6 months after the wedding.

How long does an average bar of soap last?

On One Hand: About Two MonthsIf only one person is using the bar of soap, an average bar of soap should last about two months if used regularly and normally. Some soaps last longer, if they are har... Read More »