How long does the FBI keep criminal records?

Answer According to, it's at the FBI's discretion as to when and if it will clear someone's criminal record. However, the organization usually honors such requests when ordered by state... Read More »

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How long are criminal records kept on file?

How long criminal records are kept on file can vary drastically from state to state. Some felonies stay on file forever, while some misdemeanors are removed after a set period of time. However, mos... Read More »

How long are criminal records valid?

Criminal records are valid--legally in effect and retained in criminal justice databases--forever, with one exception: juvenile records are typically sealed and/or destroyed, and adults may petitio... Read More »

How long do criminal records stay on file?

How long criminal records stay in a person's file is not an easy answer. In fact, it depends on where the criminal activity took place and what kind of crime it was. States vary in their laws regar... Read More »

What is the expunction of criminal records?

The expunction of criminal records refers to the court-ordered process in which a criminal conviction is removed from a person's arrest record. Most background checks conducted by employers will be... Read More »