How long does the Average Period last?

Answer 4-7 days.

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What is the term for the average weather conditions of a region over a long period of time?

The average weather conditions of a region over a long period of time are called the climate. Knowing a region's climate helps to understand and predict seasonal changes and weather patterns.Refere... Read More »

You started your period on June 6th and it lasted until June 13th you had bleeding again the 19th - 21st it was a normal type period but not as long as the normal for you you have very tender breasts?

well i am a surgeon and was a doctor for twenty seven years. From my studies it maybe be that the vagina hasen't been cleaned as often as need be,if the discharge is thick then you may have a bad y... Read More »

How to Calculate an Average Collection Period?

Average collection period is the amount of days on average a company takes to collect money on their credit sales. Managers use this information to see how efficient their firm is on collecting the... Read More »

You have just stopped taking the pill when you had intercourse you dont think you were ovulating the week after your period now you have period pains 2 wks early but no period bloated and cant stop cr?