How long does the 1800 LiPo battery last?

Answer The 1800 LiPo battery should last for 300 to 1000 charge cycles, depending on pack quality. Batteries should not be used until they are completely discharged; over-discharging any cell in the batte... Read More »

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How much longer does an 1800 mh Li-ion battery last compared to a 1700 mh Li-ion battery?

Answer mh is not a recognised unit of measure. Please edit your question.

How to Use the LiPo Rechargable Battery?

LiPo batteries are quite good rechargable batteries in which a series of cells are joined in series.

What Is the Effect of Cold on a LiPo Battery?

LiPo batteries are unlike other batteries in that they contain a lot more of a capacity in a much smaller space. This results in the battery packs being much lighter for the consumer. However, stor... Read More »

How to Charge a Single Cell Lipo Battery?

Lithium polymer batteries, also known as LiPo batteries, produce greater voltage than other batteries and weigh far less. A single cell LiPo battery produces 3.7 volts as opposed to 1.5 volts for r... Read More »