How long does soy milk stay fresh?

Answer According to soy milk producer Vitasoy, soy milk stays good for about 10 days after you open it. If unopened, soy milk can stay fresh for up to a year. Once you open soy milk (or any other dairy pr... Read More »

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How long does fresh fish stay fresh in the refrigerator after being frozen?

Does organic milk stay fresh longer?

Good Morning: Well I guess this question was asked before because I copied and pased the best answer lol, However, the question was not asked by you skycat, lolOrganic milk has to be pasteurized at... Read More »

How long does loose tea stay fresh?

How long tea stays fresh depends on the type of tea and the way it is stored. When vacuum-packed and stored at a constant temperature, white and green teas stay fresh for one year, oolong tea stays... Read More »

How long does fruit jam stay fresh?

Commercial and home-canned fruit jam will stay fresh without opening the jar for one year. Once it is opened, home-canned jam should be used in one month, while commercially canned jam should be us... Read More »