How long does sour cream last in the fridge?

Answer Sour cream can last between one and three weeks when stored in a refrigerator at 40 degrees F, according to the United States Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service. Its high moisture... Read More »

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How Long After the Use by Date Can I Still Use Sour Cream?

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How long does sour cream last after opening?

An open container of sour cream will last anywhere between one and three weeks, depending on how you store it. If you want to extend its shelf life, store opened sour cream in a covered container i... Read More »

How long will sour cream stay fresh?

On One Hand: Longer than the Stamped DateDates stamped on products like milk, eggs and sour cream are there to let the store know when it is no longer safe to sell. However, sour cream can be store... Read More »

How long can you keep Sour Cream past it's expiration date?

the date printed on perishable fresh foods is generally the sell by date, not the actual expiration date. Dairy products usually last a minimum of 7 days past this date. Items such as sandwich me... Read More »