How long does smoked turkey stay good in the fridge?

Answer Leftover smoked turkey should be consumed within three days after cooking, according to Butterball. Make sure to refrigerate the leftover turkey within an hour after serving it, the company recomme... Read More »

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How long can a smoked pork roast stay out of the fridge before going bad?

Bacteria can form on food left out after an hour. It is best to refrigerate cooked food as soon as possible to prevent this.

How long is a frozen, smoked turkey good for?

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, as long as the turkey is kept frozen continuously, turkey products can be kept indefinitely. Thawing your smoked turkey sooner maintains t... Read More »

How long does shrimp stay good in fridge?

Shrimp stays good in the refrigerator for two to three days. Store shrimp in a bag or container that does not leak. This helps to preserve freshness and avoid contamination.Source:University of Rho... Read More »

How long does salsa stay good in the fridge?

2-3 weeks if it is store bought. Freshly made salsa will last maybe a week.