How long does smoked salmon last once opened?

Answer After opening a package of smoked salmon, it will last about one week in the refrigerator or two to three months in the freezer. Smoked salmon keeps best when it is wrapped tightly in plastic or al... Read More »

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How long does smoked salmon last in the refrigerator?

Smoked salmon will last in the refrigerator for one to three weeks if correctly handled, wrapped and stored in the coldest part of the refrigerator. It it looks, feels or smells bad, you should tos... Read More »

How long does ricotta cheese last once opened?

Ricotta cheese will stay fresh enough to eat for one to two weeks. This time may vary depending on the brand of cheese, but if you're in doubt, most brands include an expiration date that you can c... Read More »

How long does Ready Brek last once it's been opened until it goes bad?

Seems like forever, I had some about 6 months after it's best before and it tasted the same.

How long do coffee beans last once opened?

Coffee beans remain full-bodied, at their peak flavor and fresh for up to one month after roasting if they are kept in an air-tight canister in a dry, dark area. It is best to keep beans away from ... Read More »