Left lobe pneumonia how long does it last?

Answer Your recovery is going to mostly depend on your taking the medication prescribed for you and getting all of the rest that is recommended. Really, there is no shortcut. You have to give your body ti... Read More »

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How long does it take a new born baby to get over pneumonia?

Unless one has translocation (inherited) Down syndrome than No, they more than likely Won't.

Can you get pneumonia again after having the pneumonia vaccination?

Please help,I got pneumonia!!!?

this is an Irish remedies that my mom used on my brother and on her self when they had pneumonia.2 ounces of water2 ounces of vinegar4 tables spoons of onion1 clove of garlic1/2 table spoon of caye... Read More »

Can a person die from pneumonia?

Pneumonia is like drowning of the lungs (your lungs get filled up with fluids)this is what causes people to die from the sickness. Many AIDS patients die from pneumonia asides from other things. P... Read More »