How long does paypal wait before using back up funding?

Answer When using the PayPal debit card, PayPal uses your preferred backup funding account immediately if the appropriate funds are not available in your PayPal account. You can change the backup funding ... Read More »

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If a tooth falls out how long can you wait for having it put back in?

Teeth that get knocked out can usually be put back in to the socket and splinted by a dentist, but because your mum has bone loss, there is nothing to anchor that tooth in the socket. I'm sorry to ... Read More »

How long should I wait to dye my hair back to brown, just bleached?

Dying your hair is damaging period. It really doesn't matter how long you wait. Obviously you shouldn't constantly be dying your hair though. Lol. You can dye it now. I've dyed my hair a day after ... Read More »

How long to wait to start back smoking after having a baby?

Forever. Smoking will cause your baby to have asthma and other diseases and conditions. It isn't worth your child's health to go back to smoking. It will kill you in the end, and don't you want ... Read More »

How long should a woman wait after giving birth before she goes back to work?

omg, you are so gone...Tell her to hurry up and get it done, cuz after all, she gets tomorrow off for the holiday. I took a shower less than 45 minutes after I gave birth, 10 hours, no problem...