How long does paypal wait before using back up funding?

Answer When using the PayPal debit card, PayPal uses your preferred backup funding account immediately if the appropriate funds are not available in your PayPal account. You can change the backup funding ... Read More »

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How long do i wait after using revolution before giving a dog a bath?

Revolution is a prescription-only, topical medicine that can kill or prevent parasites on your dog. The formula is quick-drying, so it is safe to bath your dog two hours after you apply this produc... Read More »

How long do you wait after staining a floor before using water-based polyurethane?

Your should wait at least one week for the floor to dry completely. Because of weather conditions and other atmospheric conditions, the floor may not have dried completely enough to apply a polyur... Read More »

How long should a woman wait after giving birth before she goes back to work?

omg, you are so gone...Tell her to hurry up and get it done, cuz after all, she gets tomorrow off for the holiday. I took a shower less than 45 minutes after I gave birth, 10 hours, no problem...

How long should you wait before using the floor after applying water base polyurethane?

This will depend on the humidity and temperature of the room, but generally 24 hours.