How long does open milk keep in the fridge?

Answer Around 4 days.

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How long will an open bottle of Calpico keep in the fridge?

Those calpico like yogurt drink in many flavors, once opened, I guess 3- 4 days because bacteria may begin to grow when you take it out and put it back in the refrigerator after you pour the drink... Read More »

How long does breast milk last in and out of the fridge?

You can't put breast milk in the fridge. It must be digested right away.That answer is ridiculous. Here's where you can find the correct answer from LaLeche League. Read More »

How long does kielbasa keep out of the fridge?

I'm not sure. I left some out l;ast night, from 2pm - 930 am next dat by accident and it SEEMS to be ok. I tasted it and tasted fine and no funny smell. Although apartment was fairly air conditione... Read More »

How long does cream cheese keep in fridge once opened?

well i would say at the most 10 days but make sure that is is seal with a lid