How long does nicotine remain in urine&blood?

Answer On One Hand: Traces of NicotineNicotine is the chemical found in tobacco that produces a feeling of intoxication. Most of the nicotine has left your system after about 20 minutes of smoking. It wil... Read More »

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How long does nicotine remain in the body?

After you smoke a cigarette you will feel the immediate effects of nicotine for about 40 minutes, which is the length of time it takes the drug to leave your brain. Traces of nicotine, however, wil... Read More »

How long does CPR certification remain valid?

The expiration date of your CPR certification depends on the certifying organization. For example, certification through the American Heart Association remains valid for two years, while certificat... Read More »

How long does kennel cough remain in an environment?

The incubation period for kennel cough, contagious among dogs, ranges from three to 10 days. After symptoms occur, kennel cough, or bordetella, can last anywhere from 10 to 20 days depending on how... Read More »

How long does a felony remain on your record?

A felony stays on a convicted individual's record permanently unless he or she files a petition to expunge, or remove, the record in the state where the felony occurred. The laws and procedures to ... Read More »