How long does neptune take to orbit the sun?

Answer Because Neptune is farther away from the Sun than the Earth, it takes much longer for the planet to complete one full circle or orbit around the sun. In fact, Neptune only makes the entire trip onc... Read More »

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How long does it take for Neptune to orbit its own axis?

The amount of time in a day is equal to a planet's full rotation (orbit) on its own axis. Neptune takes 19.1 hours to make a full rotation around its axis. The planet is ranked fourth in terms of s... Read More »

Does Pluto always orbit beyond Neptune?

Most of Pluto's orbit lies farther away from the Sun than Neptune's orbit. But for a relatively brief 20-year period in its nearly 248 Earth-year orbit, Pluto's orbit carries it closer to the Sun t... Read More »

How many days does Neptune take to orbit?

Neptune orbits the sun once every 164.79 Earth years, approximately 60,190 Earth days. Neptune's rotation on its axis takes 16.11 Earth hours, giving Neptune a far shorter day than Earth despite it... Read More »

What is the orbit speed of Neptune?

The orbit speed of Neptune is not constant, but the average speed of its orbit is 3.39 miles per second. The slowest speed of its orbit is 3.34 miles per second, and its maximum orbit speed is 3.4... Read More »