How long does my cat have to be away from other cats after spaying?

Answer If the cat is not retained overnight for observation post operatively, separate cats for the remainder of the evening. Interaction with other cats the following day is not harmful, but since strenu... Read More »

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Types of Cats With Long Ear Fur?

Part of the family Felidae, which includes jaguars and lions, cats are the most numerous species of felines in the world. Although all cats are the same species of animal (Felis catus), selective ... Read More »

How long do tabby cats live?

The lifespan of a tabby cat is dependent upon the cat's genetic predisposition, breed, health and lifestyle. If these striped cats are indoor pets with few to no health issues, they live 13 to 18 y... Read More »

How Long Do Cats Carry Their Babies?

When your female cat reaches puberty, usually between 5 and 9 months old, she has the ability to become pregnant and bear a litter of kittens. If she becomes pregnant, she will carry her litter for... Read More »

How long are sphynx cats pregnant?

Sphynx cats are pregnant for about 65 days, the same as other cat species. The length of a pregnancy can vary from four days before or four days after the due date, so a cat with a normal pregnancy... Read More »