How long does marijuana stay in your body?

Answer Wow... where do these people come up with these answers!!!??? The TRUTH is that how long it takes depends on 2 things. First, how often do you smoke? Second, how fat are you (THC tetrahyrdacanibina... Read More »

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How long does marijuana stay in your hair?

To fail a hair test, you need to smoke marijuana 3 different times. The typical testing time for chronic (daily) users is 90 days. Taking just a hit or 2 might cause a fail on a urine test within... Read More »

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in your Blood?

The length of time that THC, the main chemical found in marijuana, and its derivative 9-carboxy-THC, can be found in the blood is dependent upon the amount and frequency of the use. For frequent us... Read More »

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your BLOOD STREAM?

Thats what I'm talking about. An Ounce to the Dome. I don't know it takes two weeks if you smoke regularly but you smoked yourself stupid in two weeks lol. Wheat grass, Goldenseal, Drink lots of wa... Read More »

How long does 5 HTP stay in your body?

5 HTP will stay in the body for different amounts of time, depending on the dose. According to Dr. Ray Sahelian, large doses (over 100 milligrams per day) may take three to four months to completel... Read More »