How long does leg swelling last im taking blood thinner for blood clot?

Answer The process has to be slow say a week (depends on medication and underlying gross pathology), because some times the clot dislodges and anchors in heart , brain or lungs.So be patient for safe and ... Read More »

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Can the pill cause a blood clot years after taking it?

No, the risk of blood clots associated with birth control is directly related to the increased estrogen introduced into the system while it is being taken. Discontinuing use of birth control pills ... Read More »

Is there a danger wearing jewelry with magnetic closures when taking coumadin or a blood thinner?

There is absolutely no reason you can't take both at the same time.

How long should it take for blood to clot and form in the mouth?

Couple of hours to a day. Well it depends on what was done and the extensiveness of the surgery. I just got 4 wisdom teeth pulled and it clotted after about 4 hours. But for the clot to harden ful... Read More »

I just had some blood work done and noticed that the lady taking the blood cut the tip of the glove off !?

No you really don't need to be concerned. The blood that was drawn was your own so no danger to you. Is this behavior OK, also NO it is not. The phlebotomist is in more danger of being fired if O... Read More »