How long does kitchen herbs last for?

Answer bacteria and bubbles

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Kitchen Window Herbs?

Growing herbs in a kitchen windowsill or window box is a great way to have fresh herbs for cooking. Just by opening a window, fresh flavor is a moment away. Kitchen window herbs are a nice way to g... Read More »

How to Check Your Kitchen Herbs for Freshness?

It's cooking time, and you reach for those old bottles of dried herbs sitting on the back of the self. You may not cook too often, and you can't remember when you actually bought them. How do you k... Read More »

Can you smoke certain "kitchen herbs" as drug alternatives?

I think what you are talking about is salvia:…There is also khat...but it is illegal for people to import it, so hard to find. Read More »

What herbs can be grown in a kitchen window garden?

Answer italian flat parsley or basil Answer You could also try a prostrate sage, parsley, mint, thyme - especially the creeping sort, and chives. Answer You can grow any types of Herbs in a windo... Read More »