How long does it takes for any bluetooth headseat takes to stop working left on?

Answer It depends on the battery and the head set, some as little as a few hours, some several days...

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It Takes Long To Load The Whole Desktop It Takes 6 Minutes To Load?

Do this:- Click Start | Run, type msconfig, Press Enter.- Click the Startup Tab and click Disable All.- Click Services, check Hide All Microsoft Services. Click Disable All.- Apply, Ok, Restart.

Is it true that after a guy ejaculates it takes 3days for the sperm to become fertile again so if my bf withdraws then i cant become pregnant anyways his teacher was a DR. who said it takes 3days.hlp?

No, If he ejaculates inside of you and his sperm is viable, if you are ovulating you can become pregnant.

My left hand goes numb several times a day,out of no where,why It takes about 3 to 4 min. to go away.?

This sounds like carpal tunnel. Most people I know that type a lot our use their hands doing something repeatedly in the same motion experience numbness or a tingling sensation, like when you foot ... Read More »

How long does it takes to become cia?

probably not. you just need to pass a test to join