How long does it take you to feel awake and ready for the day?

Answer About 17 1/2 hours, then it's time for bed again. Oh, Happy Birthday (belated)!!

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How to Feel More Awake Without Coffee?

Too many people rely on caffeine to keep them awake. Yet there are many great ways stay awake during work, an extremely boring lecture, or anywhere else that you should not be sleeping, like on the... Read More »

How to Feel Awake in the Morning?

Do you find that getting up for school or work is the hardest part of your life? The following are some hints to help you feel awake in the morning.

I dont feel awake anymore?

maybe a severe depression? go to a therapist.

If i drink 1 cup of coffee a day will that eventually not be enough for me to feel awake and energized?

If you drink one cup of coffee a day for the rest of your life, it will delay the onset of Alzheimer's disease 50 years from now, but you will still need sleep within the next 36 hours.