How long does it take for bottled water to freeze in a freezer?

Answer There are many variables for how fast water will freeze. It depends on how much water is in the bottle, the temperature of the water when it was put in the freezer and the temperature of the freeze... Read More »

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How long does it take 1 cup of water to freeze if the ambient temperature is 0 degrees F?

Although two variables are given, the volume of water and the ambient temperature, this is still not enough information to predict how long the freezing process will take. Even assuming the water i... Read More »

Dose warm water freeze faster than cool water?

Does sugar water freeze faster than salt water?

That would depend upon the concentrations of these solutions, but yes, sugar is a less effective anti-freeze than salt is.

Does saltwater or sugar water freeze better than plain water?

Plain water freezes better than saltwater and sugar water. Plain water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius. Sugar water freezes about -1.9 degrees Celsius, and saltwater will begin to freeze at about -3.4... Read More »