How long does it take to upload a youtube video?

Answer Well that depends on your upload speed right?

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How long does it take to upload a video on Youtube?

it depends, on how fast your internet is, how big the size of the video is, and did you have an actual video or just pictures and a song? it took me like 1 minute to upload a 3 minute video, but it... Read More »

Why does Youtube take so long to upload my video?

People around the world are uploading videos to YouTube virtually every second of every day.Because everyone is uploading different types of videos ("avi", "mov", "mpg", "wmv", etc.) indifferent le... Read More »

I'm trying to upload a video to youtube and it keeps saying "loading" - how long does it usually take?

This calculator should help:…

Why does it take so much longer to upload your own video thats only 13 minutes long youtube?

The length doesnt matter as the Quality ergo the file size so I always say about a minute per MB is around average on a slow connection and then it will take time to process depending on what file ... Read More »