How long does it take to scan a qr code?

Answer I have an iPhone 4s and it only takes me about 10 seconds. Maybe delete the app and re-install it? Hope this helps :)

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How long does a full scan of malwere take?

Could be a little more than an hour, depending on how many files you have on your drive. Will usually be much less with an SSD

How long does a full system scan take?

If you are scanning upon system boot up, you are in DOS mode and won;t take too long. Probably 45 minutes at the most.

How long does it take for head scan results to come through?

Why do HP games take so long to scan?

You can always uninstall the games. You should if you are not using them. That goes for a lot of junk that HP installs. Go thru your add/ remove list of programs and uninstall any you do not use. A... Read More »