How long does it take to recover from a collapsed lung?

Answer Seems to take about 30 seconds according to TV.

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How to Heal from a Collapsed Lung?

A collapsed lung is also known as a pneumothorax. It occurs usually occurs when air escapes out of a lung and becomes trapped inside the space between the chest and lung cavities. The building pres... Read More »

How long do people with lung cancer live?

Really sorry to hear about your Dad....It depends on the severity of the cancer and the treatments he recieves. All the best !!

How long does it take to develop lung cancer from smoking?

There are so many variables. Tendency, genetically for cancer, the amount you smoke, what brands (the higher the tar level the higher the chance) Eventually all people that smoke will develop lun... Read More »

How long can a person live with lung cancer?

That's a hard question. Even a doctor couldn't tell you for sure. It depends on so many things.I'm sorry for you and your friend. Prayer is my only answer.