How long does it take to recover after gallbladder surgery?

Answer A laparoscopic procedure is the preferred way of removing the gallbladder. With this method, recovery is much quicker and patients are most often discharged the following day. Frequently, surgeons... Read More »

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How long does gallbladder surgery take?

On One Hand: Open Times Are ShorterOpen (traditional incision) and laparoscopic (minimally invasive) are the methods for performing gallbladder surgery (cholecystectomy). Operating times for open c... Read More »

Can you take percocet after gallbladder surgery?

My doctor prescribed it for me after gall bladder removal surgery (laproscopic). It probably depends on your doctor and the surgery performed.

How long does it take to recover from retinal attachment surgery?

Individuals who undergo retinal attachment surgery typically do not stay overnight in a hospital. If the gas bubble procedure was used to repair the retina, the individual will be required to keep ... Read More »

How long does it take to recover from Laminotomy lumbar surgery?

oh i hope yopu ok..…take care friendPost laminectomy, patients are in the hospital for one to three days, and the individual patient's mobilization (return... Read More »