How long does it take to raise free-range fryers?

Answer Free-range chickens are raised uncaged and allowed to roam with little restriction. Chickens raised for meat production reach maturity and are ready for slaughter at six to eight weeks of age. Ch... Read More »

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Do ventless fryers need a hood vent?

Ventless fryers do not need a hood vent. These systems for quick-frying food have an internal system of filtering the air, so grease does not come out. This fact makes these fryers popular with sma... Read More »

Can J-B Weld be used on aluminum turkey fryers?

On One Hand: J-B Weld and AluminumJ-B Weld works on any metal surface, including aluminum and stainless steel, with the exception of lead, according to the Frequently Asked Questions page of the J-... Read More »

What does free range chicken mean?

The term "free-range" when applied to chickens refers to how the chickens are raised and cared for. Under USDA regulations, chickens labeled free-range have, at a minimum, "been allowed access to t... Read More »

How do I clean stainless steel deep fryers?

Remove Oil and DebrisUnplug the stainless steel deep fryer, and wait until it has cooled down before attempting to clean it. Dispose of the oil in the fryer in a plastic container once the oil is c... Read More »