How long does it take for a broken heart to heal :(?

Answer azizam,It will take as long as you want it or let it. There are steps you need to follow, cry it out, be sad, be angry, do whatever it takes. But know that you're in control. Dariush sings:Ù…ÛŒØ... Read More »

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How long does it take for bones to mend together?

Sorry to hear about your accident, that kinda stuff has been going around. You sure find out who your friends are the ones who come to visit. My son was in the hospital for 7 days it was the longes... Read More »

How long does a broken arm take to heal?…

How long does it take a broken ankle to heal?

On One Hand: Simple Breaks Take Six Weeks to HealBecause broken ankles can differ greatly in their severity, some make take longer than others to heal. Generally speaking, an ankle with a "clean" b... Read More »

How long does it generally take for a broken rib to heal?

I believe that most broken bones take about 6 weeks to heal, I agree, a doctor should give clearance, before resuming demanding activities.editYou have a lot of good answers here.I am shocked that ... Read More »