How long does it take to make hand-churned homemade ice cream?

Answer If you use a lot of salt, hand cranking homemade ice cream will take about half an hour. Crank continuously, and make sure that everyone who is going to get some of the frozen treat does some crank... Read More »

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How to Make Homemade Hand Cream?

Dry hands can crack, itch and even burn. Many factors dry out your hands' skin, such as heat, dry air, detergent and even water. Store-bought hand creams and lotions are not typically too expensive... Read More »

Homemade Hand Cream Recipe?

Hands can take a beating from dry weather, harsh cleaning chemicals or general day-to-day activities. Irritated skin can lead to redness, itchiness and cracking. The best method for keeping your ha... Read More »

Homemade Solid Hand Cream Recipe?

Using solid hand cream is a convenient way to keep your skin hydrated. The hand cream can be crafted into solid bars, so no heavy containers are needed. This not only makes solid creams easy to tra... Read More »

How long does homemade ice cream last?

If homemade ice cream is made and stored correctly, it will last for a week. Shallow containers are best for storage, and a plastic layer should cover the ice cream to prevent ice crystals. After a... Read More »