How long does it take to grow pinto beans?

Answer i think the root comes out after no more more than a week of the bean being exposed to water. Takes about 85-110 days for the plant to fully mature.

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Where do pinto beans grow?

California, Idaho, Michigan, Mexico, and Colorado are all large producers of the pinto bean.

How do pinto beans grow?

Distinguishable by its mottled skin while dry, pinto beans turn brown once cooked. Pinto beans are very popular in the United States and are often used in Mexican cuisine. Their growth is similar t... Read More »

What Do Pinto Beans Need to Grow?

The pinto bean belongs to the family Phaseolus vulgaris, along with several other species of beans. Flourishing even in arid conditions, the pinto bean is a versatile crop and generally has a highe... Read More »

What soil do pinto beans grow best in?

Pinto beans grow best in well-drained, reasonably fertile soil. Beans will not grow well in heavy clay soil or in any kind of soil that becomes easily waterlogged. Fertile loam with natural or adde... Read More »