How long does it take to grow flowers?

Answer Some flowers take only a few days to grow, while others may take weeks, months even, to grow.

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How long does it take for lily flowers to grow?

The amount of time it will take a lily flower to grow depends on the type of flower. Immediate epigeal lilies can start to grow nine days after planting. Delayed epigeal lilies take at least three ... Read More »

How long does it take to grow the homestead ez grow mushroom kit?

The Homestead EZ Grow Mushroom Kit takes a couple of weeks to grow, according to the Homestead Book Company, which sells the product. The kit includes the spores for the Psilocybe cubensis mushroom... Read More »

How long does watermelon take to grow?

I think like 110 days. they need vert fertile soil and mocho H2OOnly one thing better than Watermelon.That would be more Watermelon

How long does it take to grow a carrot?

There are several different varieties of carrots you can grow, and carrot growth duration is directly linked to variety. A general rule of thumb would be that carrots should be ready for harvest be... Read More »