How long does it take to grow Easter lilies?

Answer It takes three years for Easter lily bulbs to reach "commercial grade" for selling. From there, it takes roughly 100 days for the bulb to flower. Because Easter comes on a different day each year, ... Read More »

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How long do Easter lilies live?

The blooms of Easter lilies will last only a few days, while the actual plant lasts from spring to fall. Easter lilies should be watered constantly, so that the wilting point is long delayed.Refere... Read More »

The Difference Between Easter Lilies & Tiger Lilies?

Easter lilies (Lilium formosanum) and tiger lilies (Lilium tigrinum) are from the botanical family Lilaceae. Both plants are perennials grown from bulbs, have showy, long-lasting flowers and grow w... Read More »

Can you give Easter lilies as a Greek Easter present?

Easter lilies are an appropriate gift for the Greek Easter Celebration. They are used to decorate houses and churches at Easter, and symbolize the purity, hope, and new life brought to Christians t... Read More »

When do Easter lilies bloom?

Although Easter lilies naturally bloom in summer, in the United States they are forced into bloom in spring just in time for Easter, hence the name. Growers watch bulbs carefully so they bloom at t... Read More »