How long does it take to get use to my elastic bands on my braces ?

Answer It's recommended you keep them on for 24 hours. I'm surprised that you can even take off your elastic bands as I can't take them off. Also, during the first couple days or a week, it will hurt but ... Read More »

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How long will elastic bands hurt/stay on (braces)?

don't despair. remember how sore your mouth was when you first got your braces? bands are the same way.... the pain will probably last about a week, but keep wearing the bands. try taking tylenol t... Read More »

Braces with colorful elastic bands/simple metal braces?

I had braces too, long time back. I had gone for simple metal braces because I never really liked them and getting colored woulda simply looked more dramatic! Go for simple ones as long as you don'... Read More »

Getting braces and rubber/elastic bands?

hello! I am so happy I can help. So before I answer your question, here are some tips so the whole thing hurts less...1. Ask/beg your orthodontist to put your braces on in two parts, not all in one... Read More »

I have 3/16" elastic "rubber bands" for braces?

Completely right :)Went through this as well.