How long does it take to get root canal?

Answer All they do during a root canal is drill your tooth like normal, but after that they clean out the inside of the tooth and remove the nerve and debris inside. It doesn't hurt. If it does hurt any, ... Read More »

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How long does it take to have a root canal done?

Don't worry about it; the anesthetic injection is the only thing you'll feel, and even that is dulled by the topical anesthetic gel that dentists put on your gums. If your dentist's office is plum... Read More »

How long does it take before you need a root canal?

One endotontist told me to hurry up before it got pus in it and the other told me to leave it alone and see if it settled down after the crown procedure. Quack!Answer It depends on the situation, s... Read More »

Does your insurance pay for braces if you have a root canal or can you even get braces with a root canal?

Answer Yes, you can get braces if you have a root canal. And I wouldn't think it would make a difference to an insurance company either.Not sure if your question is about costs. Two major procedure... Read More »

How do you find a good endodontic if you need an apicoectomy apical surgery on tooth number 4 and that tooth has had a root canal plus you had the root canal re-done and the gum is sore?

Answer To find a good endodontist, it's best to consult your dentist and he or she can refer you.