How long should I take these antibiotics for strep throat?

Answer Taking the antibiotics the full 10 days ensures that the organism (S. pyogenes) has been eradicated from your system. If you take it for 5 days, then feel better and stop taking them, any residual... Read More »

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How long are you contagious with strep throat after you have had an injection of rocephin 500mg?

You should avoid going to work or out & about in the public for at least 2 days, 3 if you wish to be extra cautious.

How long will my strep throat symptoms take to disappear after starting antibiotics?

You just started taking your antibiotics, do not expect a miracle in only a few days, it all depends on two things, first of how bad the infection is and how strong the antibiotics are. The pain is... Read More »

I have strep throat. My boyfriend said sperm will eat the strep and make me feel better. Is it true?

These people are totally ignorant, especially the chick that claims she is married to a doctor, I seriously doubt his jaw hit the floor, unless he is double jointed, which brings me to this questi... Read More »

My throat has been KILLING me for 2 days, how do i know if i need my tonsils out, or if i have strep throat?

Strep Throat SymptomsThe infection with strep bacteria causes symptoms within 1-3 days. You may develop a red throat with white patches. The tonsils are red and enlarged. There may be specks of pus... Read More »