I have mono, how long until...?

Answer You're asking very good questions. Good for you!"I feel like he might be carrying it, but he just doesn't have any symptoms; I read that that's very common." -- Here's some history. There are 2... Read More »

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What are the symptoms of mono, and how long before the symptoms start to show?

you dont have to kiss someone to get mono. sharing utensils and drinking glasses is enough. mixture of one persons bodily fluids (spit is a great one...hence the whole kissing disease name) with yo... Read More »

Do you think I could have mono?

definitely see a doctor, but I think you have allergies on steroids that has lead to an auto-immune condition. Which is your immune system is attacking your body, especially joints in error. I had ... Read More »

Do you think I have mono?

its possible because it can cause severe tiredness, no energy and aching all over but also fever. But get a doctor to check you ASAP cause you sound like you really need to also if you happen to ha... Read More »

Do you think this could be mono?

ahh the classic mono yep I had that.. now its gone :)how do you get rid of mono? get a usda organic jar of coconut oil and start eatingits anti-viral so it gets rid of mono fast! 5-14 days is norma... Read More »