How long does it take to get marijuana out of your urine while pregnant?

Answer you're an idiot if you're smoking while pregnant. just saying. but i would assume you should be clean in 30 days

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How long before I can pass a urine test after smoking marijuana?

Marijuana has a half-life in your system. How long it takes to leave your system depends on how much you smoke. But the time maxes out at around 45 days. One smoking session for someone with a clea... Read More »

Will marijuana show up in a blood/urine test when going to get a physical?

If they test actively look for it yes, but it won't show up on a normal physical

I have not smoked marijuana in 1 year and a urine test showed a trace of thc, why?

Ok here's one option;THC - Substances or Conditions which can cause false positivesDronabinol (Marinol)Ibuprofen; (Advil, Nuprin, Motrin, Excedrin IB etc)Ketoprofen (Orudis KT)Kidney infection (Kid... Read More »

Is marijuana safe while pregnant?

Marijuana is completely safe for a pregnant woman. As i have read there are no non side effects of marijuana. Your baby will be safe if you smoke marijuana while pregnant because it actually intens... Read More »