How long does it take to get from Mexico City, Mexico to the Mayan ruins?

Answer According to, there are over 20 sites where you can view Mayan Ruins. The closest one to Mexico City is the site at Palenque. The trip from Mexico City to Palenque will take approxim... Read More »

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Where is Sanborns located on the city map in Mexico City, Mexico?

Sanborns is a chain restaurant located in a department store in Mexico. The original Sanborns is in the Centro Historico in Mexico City. There are a total of 130 Sanborns restaurants in Mexico.Refe... Read More »

Mayan Ruins in Mexico?

The modern Mexican states Quintana Roo (home of the famous Cancun), Yucatan, Campeche, Tabasco and Chiapas were all lands of the historic Mayan culture. Known for their technological, scientific an... Read More »

Where are the Mayan ruins in Mexico?

Mayan ruins are located in the southern part of Mexico. Bonampak and Yaxchilan are sites in the state of Chiapas; Becan, Calakmul and Chicanna are in Campeche; Chacchoben, Chac Mool, Coba, Kohunlic... Read More »

How long is a flight from New Mexico to Kansas City?

It depends on your departure city in New Mexico. From Santa Fe, the trip takes three hours, 50 minutes. From Albuquerque, the trip takes four hours. Length of travel may vary depending on which air... Read More »