How long does it take to get approved and scheduled for lap band surgery?

Answer The length of the approval process and scheduling for Lap Band surgery depends on insurance coverage, any preconditions you must meet and the surgical schedule. Self-pay patients can have the surge... Read More »

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If you are scheduled to have knee surgery and you switch jobs and put your surgery off for several months can the new insurance company deny coverage of your surgery?

I recently tore my meniscus and I am scheduled for surgery in a month?

Hey :)I'm sorry about your knee! I'm 17, play basketball, and I tore my meniscus last year and had surgery in April.1) Yes. I think you should definitely have the surgery based off your active life... Read More »

Can you receive state disibility for a surgery that was scheduled before you were terminated from your employer?

It depends upon the plan that your employer maintains.Frequently, benefits are on a sliding scale, such as 75% for the first month, 60% for the next month, and 40% thereafter until the benefit expi... Read More »

How long does it take to get a patent approved?

The overall process could take more than two years. The initial pre-application tasks take one to three months. The application review could take more than a year, the response takes two weeks to t... Read More »